Enjoy Industry Best ISO Benefits and Support

Top residuals with up to 90% lifetime, top 3 tier commission plans, bonus plan with no cap, and unparalleled support. Netevia ISO program is built for growing organizations that want to maximize their opportunity for present and future growth.
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Flexible and ISO-Centered, Engineered to Make You More Money

We offer pricing flexibility giving you the best chance to close the deal as you sell Netevia payment solutions to merchants.
ISO Partnership Features
Variety of competitive revenue sharing programs for the right compensation model, including risk, no-risk and full-service processing
Robust cloud-based merchant boarding and reporting tools designed to give you control of your business
Fit for every industry thanks to our comprehensive array of merchant transaction processing solutions
Multiple frontend and backend processing options
High-Risk acceptance program available to select ISOs
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In the Beginner's Guide to the Payments Industry, we share all you need to know about the merchant services business sector. We'll get you up to speed quickly with different fees associated with credit card transactions. Further, we'll walk you through what it means to be an independent sales organization. Finally, we'll give you an idea of the different pricing structures you can expect when working with Netevia.
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Partnership Program Benefits
Generate more revenue with a generous multi-option compensation structure, including bonus incentives, discretionary residual, and retirement buyouts
Expanded reach - service nearly every industry and process transactions for small and midsize merchants
Best customer service in the industry assisting merchants 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
Provide industry-leading products and services including state-of-the-art POS systems
Make more sales by leveraging our marketing tools, resources and expert support
Access to real-time data and resources for day-to-day management online
Strong regional support system
Marketing Tools
In The Netevia Brand Center you will find a turnkey solution for your ISO marketing needs to ensure top sales goals are reached.

Enjoy access to customized stationery, brochures, direct mail, product sheets, web materials and more.
Residual-Based Financing

When ISOs need to raise money they shouldn't have to spend their valuable time searching for a way. In partnership with a lender we are proud to offer Netevia Loan Solutions, a program that allows our partners and agents to borrow money, usually up to ten times their monthly residuals.

The borrowing partner’s loan payments are paid monthly from their residuals until the loan is paid off. The partner, by not selling their stake, has retained 100% of their original residuals, plus 100% of their growth. Without having to sell your residuals, give up equity and control, or embrace an added business partner, you can borrow and grow with Netevia

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